Charity Recipients 

March 2016- May 2016- Family and Child Abuse Center- 

April 2016- Pathway Inclusion Center-

June 2016- The Victory Center-

June 2016- American Cancer Society- Relay for Life of Defiance

July 2016- The Arms Forces-

August 2016-Defiance Food Pantry

September 2016- Debbie Brass Pediatric Cancer Center

October 2016- Invisible Disability Association-

October 2016- NWO Apraxia Support-

November 2016-Arthritis National Research Foundation-

December 2016 - Paula's House - 

January 2017- Down Syndrome Association of Greater Toledo-

February 2017 - Making Strides Against Breast Cancer of NWO

March 2017 - Cherry Street Mission - 

April 2017 - March of Dimes, Monroe County

May 2017 - NAMI Greater Toledo

June-October 2017 - The Arms Forces, Pathway Inclusion Center, The Cancer Connection


NWO Apraxia 
Comfortably Kind being present at the Family Fun Day was great.  We got several comments on our event survey about how great you guys were and how they loved the shirts!  ( plus the shirts are so soft and cute!)
Partnering with Comfortably Kind allowed a new group of individuals to be exposed to NWO Apraxia Support and hear about the work that we do.  Having Comfortably Kind at our Family Fun Day event helped to show people how great the products are. We would love to partner again.  Let us know when you have a "spot" for us!  Comfortably Kind provides a stylish, quality product and allows for increased exposure for any cause.  The partnership is easily translated to help raise awareness and be an "outside the box" fundraising option simultaneously.  (Plus Kristy and Casey are awesome!)
Beth McIntosh, NWO Apraxia Support

The Arms Forces

Part of our mission is to create awareness about veterans and the invisible wounds of traumatic brain injury and post-traumatic stress.  Being a part of a community organization that is giving back and using their marketing and contacts to further our message, is priceless!!  We are a small nonprofit with a HUGE reach.  We don’t take any government funding and rely on individuals and corporate donations and the generosity of those who create fundraisers, such as yours.  Your donation helped us keep all of our programs active and continue to serve veterans with invisible wounds and their families. Comfortably Kind was easy to work with and the level of professionalism was appreciated. We would be very interested in partnering for events in the future. We always enjoy working with those who have big hearts and want to make the lives of people better and work to make their communities better also.

As I have stated in my prior answers, the ease of working with Comfortable Kind was appreciated.  Running a nonprofit is a difficult process and it is a joy when professionalism and ease of use come together!! We are very select about who we work with as we have built a great reputation over the past 7+ years and want that to continue. We recognize that when a person or group is raising funds to benefit our organization, they also represent who we are and what we stand for. It has to be a trusted partnership that reflects the mission and the vision of both entities.  

You do a great job at marketing the event and there was little we had to do other than post on social media and let our contacts know about the event. 

Thank you for your help!

- Pam Hays, The Arms Forces